Hi, I’m Susan Caldwell. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

I. Love. Video games. They are my life! I study games, develop games, and play games for my Arts and Technology MFA degree. My studies focus on game design, art, narrative, and project management. I have a BA in Arts and Performance with a minor in Creative Writing.

I’m a very big fan of the darker characters in games, movies, and comics/books, especially if they happen to be the villain. I’d probably be a supervillain’s overenthusiastic–but yet lovable and charming!–henchie.

Other Blogs:

  • Tales and Tallows: Deathbell. T&T:D is a Skyrim mod that my sister and I are creating. This mod focuses on meaningful interactions with darker-themed characters such as necromancers, witches, and vampires.