Bear Hugz

Bear Hugz (Summer 2011) was one tileset of a summer project called Tile. We had several artists develop a tileset and sprites in his or her own style, and the game would randomly load in one set each playthrough.

My tileset, Bear Hugz, is based on the internet meme Pedobear. In this tileset, Pedobear is trying to avoid the little schoolgirls so he can get to his therapist. The schoolgirls are enemies, the policemen are doors, donuts are keys, candies are lives, and the Lolita is the boss of the level. Pedobear’s ranged weapon is a megaphone so his “No” can travel longer distances.

Art and animations were done in Adobe Photoshop. I used an Intuos Wacom Tablet to draw.



bearHugz_char bearHugz_boss bearHugz_minion