Princess Stripper Love

Princess Stripper Love (Fall 2013) was a game project developed in GameMaker: Studio for The University of Texas’ Games and Gallery Art graduate class. PSL is a 2D stealth platformer in which the player stalks a princess stripper as she walks home. The object of the game is to take accurate and daring shots of the stripper and post the images to a social media site in order to earn as many followers as possible.

The concept of PSL is to have fun with the objectification of women in video games and seemingly innocent children’s cartoons and movies in order to poke fun at both sides of the issue. The ending of the game—in which the stalker (i.e. the player) wins—is meant to make decent human beings squirm and non-decent human beings smirk.

Art and animations were done in Adobe Photoshop. I used an Intuos Wacom Tablet to draw.

Creative director and artist: Susan Caldwell

Programmer, music, and sound: Peter Wonica

psl_title psl_intro psl_cutscene01 psl_cutscene02



spr_yasmin_WALK spr_guard_walkpsl_screenshot01psl_screenshot2psl_screenshot03psl_screenshot04